An individual who uses currency for intercourse, always in the context of prostitution

trappin’ 1. adj. The fresh new operate away from dealing when you look at the as well as that have offering drugs having the fresh new accumulation out of money private gain. “Yo, shortly after Larry had you to definitely handle him or her cartels, he trappin’.”

treat ’em step 1. to fix or confront anybody that have a read need. To educate anybody. “You betta beat ’em ahead of We lose ’em.”

trick step one. “Yo Calvin. Who has got one to trick over indeed there having Jamie?” dos. And additionally used given that good verb. “What makes Tiffany flipping methods?” otherwise “Oh, he is just a secret.”

triflin step one. v. In order to cheating on your own sweetheart or wife or even be an effective worst lover in the relationship. “Rick! Have you been trifflin with Jackie? You top hope Tomeka never read . . . she will open a may you!” dos. “Man, Monica try upright triflin’!” 3. Someone who are annoying as well as will get to the peoples nerves.

Talking about a good buddy’s back, straight back stabbing; a person who likes crisis and you can provides every person during the to their disorder

trill 1. adj. an individual who was highly regarded throughout the streets as they ‘ensure that it it is real’; arises from the words real and you can genuine. “Hello these types of ni##a’s try trill which means you don’t have to care about no body snitchin’.” Lyrical site: FLO RIDA – Behave like You are sure that my personal gap squad iced away my personal nigga so trill my personal nigga very trill ack like you see

trippin step 1. v./adv. (produced by “tripping” ) To act such an individual who is actually hallucinating or towards an acid journey. To behave one to anyone else come across unusual. “Woman, exactly why you trippin . . . he is not all of that!” 2. To act in love or hostile on anything otherwise into individuals. “Eh, girl! I really don’t even comprehend as to why the guy end up being trippin with the me whenever I feel away.”

trolling step one. the brand new act away from deliberately upsetting (simply because you could potentially, you’re unknown) anybody else on line constantly of the seeking hack him or her on considering your was seriously interested in particular dispute otherwise point you are trying make, or individually assaulting her or him, otherwise stating rude comments. “David’s on the internet trolling toward feedback element of church other sites merely just like the he thinks it’s enjoyable in order to upset those people religious anyone.”

troop step one. n. a lengthy walk otherwise trip. *Although this label isn’t widely used more, they however bears stating since it has experienced fool around with and may getting still in movement in a number of contexts. “Taco Bell? That is a troop and a half.”

truthiness step one. n. whenever some thing seems to be, or is experienced to be true, even though this is simply not fundamentally correct.

tunnin’ 1. v. To battle very well; struggle a lot. A third shore & Filthy South identity. “Each time we check out a party, Jason tunnin’.”

turfin’ 1. v. lawn moving or (T.You.Roentgen.F.=trying out space on to the floor) meaning playing with an enormous city as you dancing. This style of dancing is with the Hyphy, Krumping, otherwise Bucking and you can is came from Oakland, Ca. “JJ is actually effective the fight right until Rajaad already been turfin’ thereon deceive and grabbed him aside.”

tweaker 1. adj. An individual who are hooked on methamphetamine (crank, speed). “Sally did not sleep for over forty period, I am going to bet she’s a tweaker.”

tweakin’ step one. v. to act like someone who has pulled Methamphetamine. To-be excess hyper otherwise energetic. To act strangely.

A sexually energetic lady

tweaking 1. v. So you can snort or smoking methamphetamine (crank, speed). Oftentimes individuals will bring it intervenously. “What makes you figiting much, are you currently tweaking again?”

twigga step 1. n. a variety of one’s term ‘wigga’ (light nigga), often used in Tx. “Jason is valid twigga, the guy symbolizing him or her twice greater trailers!” dos. letter. a black individual that uses Twitter and you can comes after the activities from other black colored anyone. “I simply lay each one of my personal twiggas upon next destination to hit upwards this evening.”